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Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 2:04 PM
Because of this jerk For once an interesting tag...... because I made it :dummy:
2 weeks in the making because I had to think on every question and make it fun :D It's a "would you rather..."  tag with 20 questions
ok, so here's the clear version for everyone to use, my answers to it as well as all the people I'm tagging will be below that. If you like it, please spread it and torment your friends with it :D 
Would you rather Tag

1. If you post those rules you agree to play by them, it’s no fun otherwise
2. Below are 20 “would you rather” questions, choose one of the alternatives and explain why.
3. You can skip 3 questions, but for every one you didn't answer you have to post something embarrassing of weird about yourself.
4. Take your time, those questions work better if you think on them.
5. Questions are purely hypothetical and if any situation doesn't apply to you in real life, just pretend it does. 
6. When you’re done, tag few people to spread it.
Have fun
Would you rather..

1. If you post those rules you agree to play by them, it’s no fun otherwise
2. Below are 20 “would you rather” questions, choose one of the alternatives and explain why.
3. You can skip 3 questions, but for every one you didn’t answer you have to post something embarrassing or weird about yourself.
4. Take your time, those questions work better if you think on them.
5. Questions are purely hypothetical and if any situation doesn’t apply to you in real life, just pretend it does.
6. When you’re done, tag few people to spread it.

Have fun

Would you rather…

01. be cut off from the internet for a month, or forbidden to talk with anyone in real life?
I'd prefer to be away from the internet for a while. It'd let me do things I don't usually have time to do and focus on many other. Porbably leave me bored sometimes but still, it's better than not having a chance to talk to people at all. I'd also draw a bunch of things for one person to make up for my absence later c':

02. …give up reading books for a year, or give up listening to music for a year?

Definitely stay with my music. It's my inspiration fuel most of the time, and as much as I love reading books, it usually takes me a lot of time to finish one anyway, and I listen to music pretty much everyday. No drawing goes without some tunes on.

03. ...find the one true love early in your life or go through many relationships before finding the right person?

04. …be completely unaffected by alcohol, or wasted after a single sip?
For sure unaffected, haha. I probably wouldnt drink too much then, anyway, it'd be a waste of so much money. But if I chose the other option, I'd have to watch out for every alcohol everywhere, ever. That'd be an annoying problem. Imagine someone giving you a cholocate with alcohol in it, not telling you a word. Bam, you're wasted. Not a very good deal if you ask me.

05. …know your exact time and place of death, or the time and place of death of your closest friend?

I'd feel totally paranoid all the time, knowing I wont do everything I wanna do in life and that I have a deadline to try. So much anxiety and stress, no thank you. It'd be a terrible idea to know my friend's date and place on this... but I'd try to make their life much better, interesting and try to make their dreams come true, help them how I could, at least.

06. …wake up to find that you have a body of the opposite sex, or wake up in a world where everyone except you was gender swapped?
Depends how long that effect would last. If it was only for a day or something, I don't mind the first option, why not. But if it was for longer, or geez, forever.. I like being a woman. Let's see how the rest of the world freaks out :3

07. …let someone you love die, or sacrifice yourself instead, knowing how much they will miss you?

Let someone I love die and suffer myself instead. I'd never let them stay in such pain.

08. …have your significant other cheat on you with someone of the same gender, or the opposite gender?
What's the differance, haha? Well, if I have to choose... let it be with the same gender as me. I could always think it'd be because of the body, not the mind :p What a stupid question, though.

09. …reveal your dirtiest secret to your parents or have them see all of your internet browsing history?

I don't think I can really recall any dirty secret I could have. But whatever, take my internet history. It's all research material anyway. They'd be too bored to look through all this, as well as try to understand english at the same time.

10. …wake up after what looked like hot drunken sex with your non-romantic male friend or your non-romantic female friend?

I don't know how I'd ever end up in such situation or let it happen at all, but if I really have to choose..Female friend, duh. It's at least safer.

11. …never eat your favorite food again, or eat nothing but your favorite food?
If I ate all my fav food I'd look like a whale in no time. Better never eat them again... to find new favourite ones :D or just try many other things in general, taste every meal there is.

12. …discover a magical artifact of immense power, or advance piece of alien technology?

Magical artifact, it sounds cooler. And discovering it's properties would be such a mysterious process. Alien technology could be interesting too, but I wouldnt like them coming back for their things haha

13. …go on an adventure in a fantasy/medieval kingdom or a post apocalyptic urban wasteland?

As neat as post apo wasteland sounds, fantasy world can be much more intriguing and vast, with numerous places to see and probably awesome history to learn about it's universe, culture and everything. Plus I love medieval-themed things if it was supposed to be it.Wasteland is ok, but I'd probably fear for my life most of the time and feel sorry for everything that happened to the world. Adventures are suppose to be fun in some way.

14. …be a friend with someone who admitted to have romantic feelings toward you, or be in a relationship in which the other person doesn’t share your feelings?

If the second option said /love/ instead of /relationship/, I'd choose that most probably. There's always a way to get over that person somehow. It's very hard, but it's harder to keep someone else at bay. And at least it doesn't feel like constantly hurting them.

15. …be caught by your parents masturbating or accidentally send a naked picture to a random friend?
Totally be caught by them haha. What the hell, they were young before, too, I could always say that. Wouldn't care much to be honest. Sending the thing to someone random could be catastrophic.

16. …wake up to discover that the last year of your life was a dream or completely forget the last year even though it all happened?
I forget important things all the time... Wouldn't want to lose a whole year.
On the other hand, looking at my education, forgetting everything and trying to learn it all over again would be hell. If it was a dream, that I remembered, it'd be a whole lot easier, though! And there'd be a chance for me to experience same things in real again. Good, first option it is, then.

17. …spend a week alone in an exclusive five-star resort, or a week with a large group of friends in a run down camp?
Camp! What pleasure and fun would it be sitting alone? Even such an exclusive resort would be so boring and dull when alone, and I'm not really fond of luxurious hotels. With friends, we'd find lots of things to do together even in a run down place, there's always something to do if people are together.

18. …never dream again, or have the same recurring dream all the time?
Routine is terrible. I can always day dream instead. Though I'd miss dreaming a lot.

19. …leave your home town never to return, or spend the rest of your life there without ever leaving?

It'd be very hard to leave, I love that place, but never ever leave it? There are lots of other wonderful places out there, I'd always miss home but it's better than being trapped there forever.

20. …be transported to the last game you played with your current skill set, or be stranded on a deserted island with someone you hate?
Definitely the last game. It'd be Fallout:New Vegas :D I'm not super powerful there just yet, but enough to survive and protect myself and have fun. I could always improve while being there, right. Probably die of radiation soon anyway haha, but definitely that.

Questions skipped: 1
- it's super annoying for me but also embarassing, that most times I don't exactly hear or understand what other person is saying to me sometimes, and I usually have to ask twice for them to repeat. I feel like an old grandma lol

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